Sixth European Urban & Regional Studies Conference

Conference themes

Boundaries and Connections in a Changing Europe


Health and well-being in Europe’s Cities and Regions

21st - 24th September 2006

Comwell Hotel, Roskilde, Denmark


Thursday 21st September
Friday 22nd September
Saturday 23rd September


The conference will continue the tradition of previous EURS meetings in providing a forum for discussion of the relationships between economic, political and cultural processes in shaping the map of European cities and regions. In 2006 the conference will take place in Denmark.

Keynote Speakers

Luiza Bialasiewicz
Sarah Curtis
Peter Jackson
Orvar Löfgren
Allan Pred
Robert Verheij


Identities in Europe

  • Europeanness, nationalism, and regionalism
  • Religion and European identities
  • Transcultural identities in Europe
  • Multicultural cities and cosmopolitan regionalism

Diverse economies in Europe

  • Neoliberalization: convergence and divergence?
  • Network economies: a new paradigm?
  • Mobilities, places and economies

Governance, territoriality and network policies

  • Borders, networks and democracy
  • Migration, diasporas and democracy
  • New institutionalizations in Europe
  • Territorial politics in a mobile Europe
  • Multi-level Governance and the Networked Polity

Health inequalities: society, space and environments

  • Uneven development, health and quality of life
  • Accessing health care: mobility, place and identity
  • Urban environments, pollution and health
  • Consumption, lifestyle and health

Health, well-being and public policies

  • States, markets, democracy and health services
  • Health economies: regenerating people and places
  • Local communities and community-based health care provision
  • Geographies of care and the moral economy?
  • Territorial strategies and geographies of health


The conference will be held at the Comwell Hotel, Roskilde, in association with the Wolfson Research Institute at the University of Durham Queen’s Campus and also the Department of Geography at Roskilde University.

The conference hotel is a first-class venue situated in beautiful surroundings north of Roskilde, with the fiord as an inspiring neighbour (see


(en-suite room, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tea/coffee breaks, conference fee)
Single room - £345.00 per person
Shared Double room - £295.00 per person

Day Rate
(lunch, tea/coffee breaks, conference fee)
With dinner - £80.00 per person/per day
Without dinner - £65.00 per person/per day

Proposals for papers

These should be in the form of a one-page abstract, which should be sent by 1st February 2006 to: Kathy Wood, Department of Geography, University of Durham, Durham DH1 3LE, UK (e-mail:, Fax +44 (0) 191 334 1801).

All proposals will be refereed and acceptance of papers will be confirmed.

Final papers will be required electronically by 1st August 2006.

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